For the past year, music has become Eric Fletcher's life.

His bedroom is his studio, his closet is the recording booth.

Eric, 21, and his brother Austin, 15, created their group iLL Fletch and are now seeing the results of their hard work and love of music.

"I say I spend about 23 hours a day in here, working on music," Eric said.

That time has been well spent for the Ahwatukee Foothills brothers, as they recently released their first music video on YouTube and dropped a single, "Last Forever" on iTunes Oct. 1.

They know breaking into the music industry is no small task but they also know their sound is unique and their passion is real.

"I try not to think about where it's going, I just stick to music and things will come as they may," Eric said.

What has come so far is sort of a cult following in a city in Wisconsin, where their song is playing on a local radio station. They also have more than 20,000 fans on MySpace with nearly 100,000 song plays.

Eric and Austin have been working with Angel Garcia, who was employed in radio for 10 years prior, since August 2009. Garcia is helping the members of iLL Fletch find their identity and giving them first-hand knowledge of what it takes to become successful through radio.

"I have an ear for music and I can honestly say that (iLL Fletch) has a sound unlike anyone else in the industry," he said.

While Garcia gives them advice and guidance along the way, Eric and Austin spend countless hours in their "studio" perfecting the dozens of songs they have written over the years. Eric produces the tracks while Austin comes in and lays down the vocals.

"I'll come in and put on the headphones and listen to what he's put together," Austin said. "And then I'll freestyle to it and we'll take that and add lyrics or change them later on."

Their minds are always set on improving their talent. Eric said he regularly checks what songs are popular nationally and analyzes their lyrics and song construction.

"I'll look at the Top 40 hits or top iTunes downloads, study them and look at the nuances," he said. "I've gotten more proficient, but I'm still learning every day."

Although they are hoping to one day make those lists, Garcia tells the brothers know making it big does not happen over night.

"I tell them it's like Bobby Fischer, you have to be smart about your moves, you make one move to get 20 more," Garcia said.

With their talent, dedication and unique sound, Garcia feels it's not a matter of if they can make the big move, but when.

"They have great chemistry," he said. "My goal is to get these kids to where they want to be."

If things continue to go well for the AF pop group, Eric might be able to get his bedroom back to just being a bedroom.

To find out more about ill Fletch, visit their website,, or search for them on iTunes or YouTube.

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