Rough Tough Dynamite is a local rock band that released their album, End of the World EP, that is available to download through their website for free.

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Working day jobs can be long and, as Ahwatukee Foothills resident Alex Clauss admits, a little boring at times. But he funnels that boredom into an outlet he shares with three friends. Together they are a band, Rough Tough Dynamite, the music of which could be described any numbers of ways, including “pop, or rock ‘n’ roll, or belly button two-step,” Clauss said.

The band, made up of Alex Benson who does the vocals and synthesis, Corey Dillier on bass, Justin Humbert on guitar, and Clauss on drums, met through work and over time developed their music and wrote songs that recently translated into the release of their album, “End of the World EP.”

“We started writing stuff together and decided to team up as a band,” Benson said in an email. “It took us a while to evolve and get comfy in how we sound, and to grow facial hair, but we’re in a happy, hairy place now.”

“End of the World EP” is available to download for free through their website,, or a hard copy can be purchased for $5.

Working around everyone’s schedules can be difficult at times, Clauss said, but when they do find time to get together and practice or play a show around the Valley, they make it count.

“Our day jobs make us bored enough to get really stoked and spaz out on a new song or bust out the confetti cannons, he said. “Boring day jobs totally fuel really awesome things.”

To find out more about the band, visit On there you can also find the music video for their song “Drive Through Damsel,” a high-quality production set in an abandoned Mesa warehouse with the members of the band running from zombies.

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