HEALTH & WELLNESS ||| \"My doctor wants me to start using a second inhaler because I have chronic bronchitis. Why do I need two?\"
Certified nurse practitioner Agnes Oblas joins us to offer readers advice on youth and adult health and wellness concerns.

[Question] ||| "What really is bad breath?

[Answer] ||| "The medical term for bad breath is halitosis.  Why it happens has to do with food particles that are stuck between the teeth. 

Without frequent brushing and flossing, these particles go through a digestive-like process not unlike the food that actually was swallowed.  The particles break down by salivary enzymes, bacteria come along, and malodorous sulphur compounds are created. 

The cure?  Frequent brushing and flossing and routine professional dental cleanings." 


[ABOUT THE EXPERT] ||Agnes Oblas, ANP-C; New Paths to Healthcare, LLC

A certified nurse practitioner, Agnes Oblas received her bachelor's degree in Nursing (BSN) from the University of Minnesota before beginning her nursing career in Boston, first at Beth Israel Hospital and the Massachusetts General Hospital.

In 1972, Oblas was awarded my first Master’s degree (MSN) in Medical-Surgical Nursing from Boston University. In 1979, sensing the need to advance hercareer further, Oblas was awarded her second MSN from Simmons College, also in Boston, in the area of Adult Primary Care. Oblas successfully sat for Board Certification as an Adult Primary Care Nurse Practitioner in 1980 and have maintained certification ever since.

As a nurse practitioner in primary care, Oblas provides comprehensive, patient-centered healthcare, assessing, diagnosing and managing the full spectrum of medical problems present to any primary care setting. Oblas also focuses on disease prevention and risk deduction as well as sick care, while considering psychological issues that affect a patient's illness and/or recovery.


ADDRESS: 13838 S. 46th Place, Suite 340                  Phoenix, Ariz. 85044E-MAIL: AOblasNP@NewPathsHealth.comLOCAL PHONE: (602) 405-6320ONLINE:




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