Mary Rhind with Coralea Gosnell
Ahwatukee Makeover subject Coralea Gosnell used laser hair removal to get rid of embarrassing facial hair that many women get due to hormones or genetics. Photo courtesy of Paula Owens

Mary Rhind, A Permanent Image on Laser Hair Removal & Permanent Makeup

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When Coralea came into my office I asked her what area she was most interested in for laser hair removal. Like many women, her first concern was facial hair. Brought on by hormonal changes or heredity, it’s one of the most popular procedures for my female clients next to bikini lines and lower legs.

Although you tweeze, shave or wax your unwanted facial hair, when you're with people up close and face-to-face, you may still worry that others will notice, since unwanted facial hair can be difficult to cover-up. Laser is the best solution in dealing with unwanted hair.

Typically, laser requires six treatments to clear an area. Coralea has had great results – with just three treatments, we’ve already seen an 80 percent reduction. Laser hair removal is safe for all areas of the body and gives men and women the freedom from shaving, waxing and tweezing.

Coralea has received many compliments from friends and coworkers on the permanent makeup we applied. First, we started with eyeliner to enhance her natural shape and to make the lashes look fuller. Like a lot of women, Coralea’s eyebrows were thinning just a bit, so I applied a few “hair strokes” to fill in where needed in order to achieve a more defined brow. I also applied full lip color to enhance Coralea’s natural shape and to give a soft hint of color when she isn’t wearing lipstick. Coralea can supplement with traditional makeup whenever she wants a more dramatic look, but in the meantime, she’ll look great first thing in the morning, working out or swimming.

I’ve really enjoyed working with Coralea. Our makeover team has been very fortunate to find such a sweet and derserving client. 


Coralea's take:

"Not knowing what to expect with laser hair removal and permanent makeup, Mary put me at ease, explained each process in detail, and has truly changed the way I see my face!

As an ethnic woman I have always had dark facial hair, in places women don't usually want any extra hair. I was embarrassed, and trying every trick in the book to hide my unwanted facial hair.

After four treatments of laser hair removal it was all but gone! This has been an amazing and wonderful treatment for me.

I never really thought about permanent makeup before I met Mary, but when she showed me before and after pictures of some of her clients I could not wait for mine. And I am so pleased with the results it has truly added a different dimension to my face that I absolutely love!

Mary, you have done wonders for my self esteem. Thank you.



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