Adam and Marilyn Pink with Coralea
Adam and Marilyn Pink chose a bold geometric style for Coralea's new haircut. Photo courtesy of Darla Salem

Adam and Marilyn Pink, Hair Stylists, 3936 E. Chandler Blvd. #223 , Phoenix, AZ 85048



Adam and Marilyn Pink turned up the volume for Coralea Gosnel with a modern bold geometric style.  Coralea's hair is very straight.  Adam chose to give her an edgy hairstyle that compliments her lifestyle.  He went with a bold geometric shape which is currently very popular in Europe.  He gave Coralea a clean curved bang to show off her nicely shaped eyebrows and rounded the bottom edge to keep in line with the modern bob influence. 

Coming from Native American and Hispanic heritage, Coralea's skin tone is sallow (yellowish) so Marilen decided to go with a dark brown violet base color with some red accent patterns for special effects to emphasize the boldness of the bang.  Cool tones go best to offset the sallow tone resulting in a more neutral rosy skin tone.   Coralea's eyes are a pretty almond shape.  Marilyn wanted to emphasize her eyes to show off her strongest feature by giving her a smoky, smoldering effect.  Her cheekbones were lightly blushed.  Her lips are a pale matt pink for an overall bold soft look.


Coralea's take:

Talk about making a girl feel pretty..... Adam's unique style and flavor has changed my whole look! I was a little scared going to get my long black hair cut.  But I knew Adam and Marilyn new just the look for me! The color is gorgeous...and the cut is fabulous.

I felt like a real celebrity in Adam Pink Salon. My makeup done by Marilyn changed my whole look. You guys are a wonderful team and I could not have asked for a better hair stylist, color technician, and makeup artist.

Thank you Adam & Marilyn!



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