Around 8 p.m., a party bus with a large Jack Daniels logo pulled up to the home.

The students flooded to the front yard and listened to the rules of the bus before boarding.

Ironically, with a strict "no alcohol" rule, a student was caught with alcohol before the bus arrived. Despite that small setback, the night went on and students got settled in their seats.

Resembling a mini nightclub, lighted poles and bright green and blue lights were most noticeable on the bus that could fit about 65 people.

After taking the long way to the Castle at Ashley Manor in Chandler, the bus arrived at Mountain Pointe's prom around 9 p.m.

The castle's interior, a rectangular dance hall was projecting "The Wizard of Oz" on one wall as a D.J. played music for an already packed house.

Through double doors, the back courtyard looked like something out of a fairy tale.

Lush, but exquisitely trimmed grass and hedges covered the outdoor space with brick moldings and a gazebo. A surprise display of fireworks wowed the students right after prom court was announced.

Before leaving his senior prom around 10:15, Campbell made his way inside to the dance floor in an impromptu battle with another student. Though drawing a similar amount of applause from the large group of students that circled them, Campbell threw his hands up in victory after his last move.

Though this wasn't the end of the night for Campbell, Trujillo and friends, with an after-party in the works, the students contently walked back to their cars at Johnston's home after getting off the bus.

"It was interesting, and different, I had a good time," Campbell said.

Laughing at some of the night's antics, Trujillo exclaimed that prom was "definitely a night to remember."

Saying goodnight to their parents, who were still mingling, they got in their car, closed the doors, and drove off onto the dark Equestrian Trail. 

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