Ahwatukee Makeover subject Coralea Gosnell can't stop looking at her new whiter teeth. Photo courtesy of Darla Salem

Dr. Clint Boscamp DDS, Desert Family Dentistry,

50 S. Kyrene Rd. #5, Chandler, AZ 85226, 480-940-5422


Coralea and I wanted to improve both her oral health and give her a beautiful smile.   It was important to us to be as conservative as possible.  We started by removing any non-salvagable teeth.  This was followed by a deep cleaning to get a healthy foundation for any restorative procedures.  While she was healing, we performed cosmetic tooth whitening.

The next phase of treatment was to remove all of her silver fillings.   Whenever possible, the old amalgam fillings were replaced with tooth colored composites.  Larger broken down fillings were replaced with porcelain crowns.

The final phase of treatment was to improve her front tooth form. We decided that although porcelain veneers would give a better overall esthetic result, removing healthy tooth structure necessary for veneers was not worth the sacrifice.  We decided on a much less invasive option, which was to reshape the teeth with simple enamel contouring.

It was a wonderful opportunity to be involved in this Ahwatukee makeover!  I has a great time getting to know Coralea, and it was a pleasure to provide her with the oral health that is now hers!


Coralea's take:

Who thought a mouth full of silver fillings, and gold crowns could be transformed in to all white pretty teeth?  Everyone at the Desert Family Dentistry was so very nice to me.

After eight weeks of procedures with Dr Clint Boscamp and team I feel great about my smile!

And I can’t stop looking at all my white teeth. You guys are the best! Thank you all for everything. Thank you Dr. Clint.



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