The beauty industry evolves year after year which keeps those of us who work in the industry on our toes.  People want to take care of themselves and they want to look and feel great. 

As health professionals, we encourage wellness as a necessity as opposed to a luxury.  We do however understand that healthy living can be expensive.  Hence the origin of the Ahwatukee Makeover.  

I wanted to put a team of professionals together to offer our services free of charge to someone who was truly dedicated to making some lifestyle changes.  I approached various health professionals who I believed to be the most talented and giving professionals in the community. 

The response was wonderful as everyone was willing to work together and make this a fun and exciting experience for Ahwatukee.  We began our search with a questionnaire posted in the Ahwatukee Foothills News.  We indicated that we were looking for candidates who were interested in a complete makeover.  Each individual had to send in a photo and complete a series of questions. 

We had 42 women of varying ages respond.  The team carefully narrowed it down to five women.  We interviewed those five individuals to decide who we thought was most dedicated to this six month journey.  Although each of them were wonderful and had great stories, we chose 43-year-old Coralea Gosnell.  As so we began!


Coralea’s story

"When I started this journey 14 weeks ago I had no idea what to expect.  I was honored, scared, and excited all at the same time. 

You see ... The year 2009 had left me in a very bad way. My self esteem, self confidence, and independence was gone!!  What was once a vibrant, self confident, independent women had been lost that year.  And winning the Ahwatukee Makeover Contest was a new beginning for me.

Transforming yourself on the outside is a beautiful thing.

But this wonderful team of people have done so much more for me, from the inside out!

With all their time, dedication, and services they have given to me, they truly have helped heal a lost soul.  I feel healthy, strong, confident and independent.... I do believe I can conquer anything that comes my way! And of course, I do feel pretty on the outside too.

 I believe everything happens for a reason. When Darla and team chose me out of all the applicants to represent the makeover candidate, there was no way I was going to let them down.

They all believed in me and gave me a chance. I hope I made each one of them proud.

 I can not thank them enough for everything they have done for me. I have had an incredible journey, and have made lifelong friends.  They are the best makeover team a girl could ever have!  

Thank you,

Coralea   =)


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