LD18 candidates

The candidates for Legislative District 18 were asked three questions by the Ahwatukee Foothills News. The following are their responses to the first question. Click the "read more" link for each candidate's full response.

Janie Hydrick — Democrat running for State Senator — District 18

Why are you running for office?

Our community deserves to have a state senator who will reflect its values and advocate for its best interests in education, economy, job creation, and health care. People in our legislative district are frustrated with the antics of our current Legislature and want their concerns to be placed above partisan gridlock and an extremist agenda. Legislation such as the following does not reflect the values of our community: education cuts that are the deepest in the country; guns on campus and in public buildings; cutting access to preventative health care and cancer screenings for working adults; sweeping the Homeowners’ Mortgage Relief Fund to build private prisons; cutting KidsCare funding, thus eliminating health care for 105,000 kids; and defunding early childhood education when 90 percent of brain development occurs before kindergarten age. The values of our community would not have been reflected in that legislation at any time, but the voters of our community now have the opportunity to elect a moderate Legislature that will pass common-sense legislation. Read more>>

John McComish — Republican running for State Senator — District 18

Why are you running for office?

I originally ran for office to bring common sense leadership to the Legislature. I believe that is what I have done and will continue to do if re-elected. A frequent complaint from the public is that the Legislature is too polarized — that both sides spend too much time shouting at each other and not enough time working on solutions. I have established a reputation as someone that listens to all sides and seeks common ground. I am also known as someone not afraid to push back against the powerful when they go too far. As legislators, we have the responsibility to govern, irrespective of our party or philosophical leanings. Understanding in these tough economic times that resources are limited, I want to provide for a high quality education and a positive business environment that promotes job growth. Read more>>

Jeff Dial — Republican running for State Representative — District 18

Dial’s campaign did not answer the three questions, but did send this response:

“Jeff Dial, a resident ofChandler, is a businessman, a veteran and a community leader. Jeff volunteers for numerous civic organizations and is a member ofMountainParkCommunityChurchin Ahwatukee. Over 20 years ago, Jeff started working for his family business and was fortunate enough to learn early on the importance of hard work and unwavering integrity." Read more>>

Brent Fine — Independent running for State Representative — District 18

Why are you running for office?

My motivation for running is two-fold: 1) to offer a socially moderate, fiscally conservative candidate who is neither tied to a party or an ideology and is willing to work with all sides (within reason) to come up with sensible and pragmatic solutions; and 2) to focus on our broken political system that has allowed special interests and lobbyists to control, more than ever, our policy decisions, through the corrupting power of money and influence.* My candidacy, and hopefully election, would show that it is possible to put power back into the hands of the voters (where it belongs), who have been left out of the equation for too long.

*By fiscal conservative, I do not mean that I want to slash taxes. It means that we need to be efficient and effective with our tax dollars. Read more>>

Darin Fisher - Democrat running for State Representative — District 18

Why are you running for office?

We need a Legislature that is more reflective of our district and our state. We have just witnessed the conclusion of a 50th Legislature that was more ideology driven than solutions oriented. I want to restore a moderate approach focused on real and substantive policy discussions that will create a new vision for Arizona for the next 20 years. Read more>>

Corey Harris — Democrat running for State Representative — District 18

Why are you running for office?

Born here in the Valley, I was raised by my parents to believe in giving back to your community and that only a life committed to serving those around you is a life truly well-lived. I have dedicated my life to exactly these goals. I served in the U.S. Army where my mission was to mentor the new Iraqi democracy. After returning home from two combat tours, I continued that dedication to service by advocating for veterans, I developed the program at ASU to guarantee our men and women in uniform get a good education upon returning home, and worked through the state to get them jobs after they graduate. But our state is in crisis in both of those areas and our Legislature has only worsened the situation. I want to bring this same focus on jobs and education to our state government, as they have lost sight of what Arizonans really need. Over the past few years they have failed to provide strong leadership through these difficult times and instead stripped critical funding to KidsCare, mortgage relief, the National Guard, and education while funneling tax payer dollars off to for-profit, private prisons. I am running because someone is needed to step up. Our district and Arizona as a whole deserves better representation and I am committed to providing it. Read more>>

Bob Robson — Republican running for State Representative — District 18

Why are you running for office?

Experience and leadership matter a great deal in the Arizona Legislature, especially at a time when voters are looking to lawmakers for solutions. I am running for the Arizona House of Representatives because I clearly understand the challenges of our current economic situation. As a seasoned legislator who has served in leadership, I have a unique ability to assess and respond to the needs of the citizens of Arizona. As a professor of practice at ASU, I know firsthand the importance of a building a strong education system, so Arizona will remain competitive in a modern, global economy. Read more>>

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