Foothills Women's Club

Nancy Klinger (left) and Donna Leeds (right) of the Foothills Women�s Club of Ahwatukee stand next to a collection box for Helen�s Hope Chest. Klinger reached out to the community on behalf of the women�s club for months to find gifts for teens in the foster care program.

The Foothills Women's Club of Ahwatukee has made Christmas a little brighter for teens in foster care through Helen's Hope Chest.

Nancy Klinger, a member of the Foothills Women's Club, was touched by the words of a Helen's Hope Chest representative when the group was selecting a charity to benefit.

"They came in and told us about their organization, and I had never heard of Helen's Hope Chest because it's still fairly new," Klinger said. "When she was telling us about the children I just thought, ‘Oh my God, what would it be like to be a foster child without a family at Christmas time?' I just thought, ‘I'm in.'"

She has worked since November, getting help from the women's club, Hegel Yoga Studio, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Sentry Management of Arizona, and her own friends to find gifts for teens in the foster care program.

"It was a lot of work, but when we dropped those gifts off it was all worth it," Klinger said. "They were so thankful. I feel strongly about it and I want to continue doing things for them."

Klinger said the director of Helen's Hope Chest mentioned a need for gifts year-round to supply gifts for the kid's birthdays so the women's club may organize an annual birthday party to benefit the charity.

All the gifts that were donated will be put into a shop for foster parents to find gifts for the kids they foster. For more information on Helen's Hope Chest, visit

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