The most anticipated special publication of the year is here, the Ahwatukee Foothills News’ Best Of Ahwatukee. We receive calls throughout the year for extra copies of this publication and questions on when voting for the next year will begin.

As a staff, we anticipate this publication and strive to improve it each year. This year we changed the online voting rules to keep up with this ever-growing and popular publication to insure that we keep it as fair as possible to all involved. We are excited to see that you all actively participated in the 2012 Best Of Ahwatukee online contest and understand that the Best Of Ahwatukee is very important to your business and our community. We hope the new rules improved the contest this year to make sure that everyone was placing their own individual votes. This contest truly should reflect the community’s Best Of.

In some respects, a contest like this is futile.

Really, don’t we already know the answer to that annual question: “Who/What Is The Best Of In Ahwatukee?”

In the broadest sense possible, it’s YOU, our readers. YOU, the patrons of each and every business you’ll see featured in this issue are the “Best Of Ahwatukee.” Even in times of tough economic strain, your willingness to support your local businesses proves just how strong the Ahwatukee Foothills community really is, and just how lucky we all are to be a part of it.

Thanks again to all the voters for their support, and to all the businesses included for their participation.

And, remember: if you misplace this printed issue in the coming weeks and don’t want to search high and low to find out the “Best Place To Watch The Game” or “Best Happy Hour,” head over to and everything you see in this issue will be available right there, any time.


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