Paula Owens helped Ahwatukee Makeover subject Coralea Gosnell change the way she shopped for food. Photo courtesy of Darla Salem

Paula Owens, Nutritionist, Fitness Expert, Weight Loss Coach and Author   (480) 706-1158 


I met with Coralea in February to consult with her on nutrition, supplementation, hormones and lifestyle in order to bring her to the next level and break through her plateaus.  Her main concerns seeking my expertise were her eating habits, menu options and how to shop at the supermarket. I suggested specific supplements based on Coralea’s biochemistry and personal goals.  I took her body composition measurements.

At that time, her body composition was 32 percent. Currently, she is an astounding 22 percent body fat. That is a total loss of 24 pounds of fat lost which is the equivalent of 96 sticks of butter.  


Coralea's take:

What I have learned from Paula with diet and nutrition has truly been a lifestyle change.

My trips to the grocery store are so different now. The ingredients ... calories ... sugars ... etc...

And what I put in my mouth is almost always healthy and organic.

Paula you are the best at your game! A teacher that keeps on teaching ... thank you for my life-changing lesson.

Thank you Paula.



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