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Why would someone get a breast reduction?

Breast reduction is performed if a person has neck, back or shoulder pain that is the result of fatigue of the neck muscles due to the weight of large breasts in the bra. The bra straps press down on the shoulders, causing muscle pain. In breast reduction we remove the excess weight of the breasts. As part of the operation the patient receives a breast lift. We use general anesthesia for this surgery.

Is there an age requirement for the surgery?

There’s no real age requirement. An 18-year-old girl may have the procedure if the problem is severe. Most patients are 30-70 years old. Over 95 percent of our patients are pain free after the surgery.

Is nursing possible after a breast reduction?

Nursing is possible depending on the technique used, but there is no guarantee that it will be successful.

Does insurance cover the surgery?

Most insurance companies require proof of medical necessity and that at least one pound would be removed from each breast. We are able to get most cases approved through insurance.

What’s the recovery like?

The pain afterward is controlled with pain pills. Most patients maintain nipple sensation after the surgery. The main side effect is the scars. The scars are usually around the nipple, down the center of the breasts and sometimes in the crease beneath the breast. The scars fade over time. After surgery, back pain is relieved and a patient will see breast shape improvement. Most patients find that their clothes fit better. A patient can return to a desk job after one week, but vigorous exercise is avoided for three weeks.

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