Why would someone want a nose job?

Patients might request a nose job either to change the shape of his/her nose or to improve breathing.

Is this a good surgery for someone who has broken his or her nose before?

Yes. If you’ve had a broken nose before, surgery can either help straighten the nose out or can improve breathing if there is a septal deviation or blockage.

What will my nose look like?

I can take photos of the patient before surgery and modify the shape on the computer to simulate surgery, helping patients to visualize the possible changes.

Do you go to sleep for it or is it done while you’re awake?

There are some surgeons who perform with local anesthetics and sedation, but my preference is to do it under general anesthesia with a board certified anesthesiologist who is there during the surgery to make sure that the patient feels no pain.

Is the surgery painful?

The pain after surgery is controlled with pain pills for the first week. People are usually able to go home the day of surgery.

Does insurance cover the surgery?

When the purpose of surgery is to improve breathing then usually insurance will cover it. If it is purely a cosmetic change then most insurance companies won’t pay for it.

What does the recovery look like?

Usually there are bandages on the outside and sometimes soft rubber splints on the inside of the nose to keep the nose in the right position. A patient can go back to a desk job after a week. No heavy lifting or vigorous exercise is allowed until a month after surgery. Contact sports are not recommended until three months. I don’t recommend blowing the nose until a month after surgery. 

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