How many people do you know who honestly feel that their life is in balance? Life balance is an important Asian philosophical concept. Acupuncture reflects that concept. The similarities between what acupuncture strives to achieve and what becoming organizing brings to one's life are striking. Both attempt to achieve balance, one within the body and one within that body's surroundings.

Acupuncture can be described as a technique to unblock and redirect energy flow so that balance, or homeostasis, is maintained. When the energy flow becomes unbalanced, you experience areas of sensitivity and pain, symptoms of disease. The use of needles or pressure releases the blockages and permits the energy to flow freely, rebalancing the body's systems.

While acupuncture helps you internally, becoming organized can change both your external settings and internal attitudes. Disorganization creates blockages in your life, leading to a loss of productivity and stress build-up, creating their own areas of pain within our lives.

Consider the results of stress. The American Institute of Stress estimates stress is costing businesses hundreds of billions of dollars a year through accidents, absenteeism, employee turnover and diminished productivity. There are directly related medical, legal and insurance costs. Resultant health problems can include cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders, psychological disorders and workplace injuries. Stress not only affects individual workers' health, but it can also create a Domino effect on colleagues who have to fill in for absent co-workers.

The pressure points that acupuncture focuses on run along what are called meridians or zones. What are the external meridians in your life that affect you on a daily basis? Some office examples could include:

• Stacks of reading material accumulating in a corner

• Overflowing inbox that turns into multiple piles

• Unending ToDo lists

• No time block to work for an extended period

• File cabinets that manage to hide important papers

• Clutter on all available surfaces

Areas of disorganization are energy drains. An acupuncture session focuses on specific meridians to create harmony in one's body by eliminating blockages. Organizing sessions work on those areas of disorganization that block productivity and cause stress, which lead to health problems. Becoming organized rids you of the distress and allows energy to flow freely.

Pinpoint your pressure points and book times in your schedule to eliminate them. Make sure that your energy is not blocked by zones of disorganization. You will feel better about yourself and your work. Your customers and clients will find you more effective and responsive to their needs.

Why put off eliminating the discomfort caused by a lack of balance in your surroundings when you could instead look forward to starting each day with renewed energy?

Denise Landers is the author of Destination: Organization and owner of Key Organization Systems ( Reach her at (281) 397-0015.

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