New classes at Mountain Pointe High School offer students interested in the medical field a new understanding of sports medicine.

Jess Pierce is in her eighth year with Mountain Pointe and teaching a new class, sports medicine 3-4. The class is a continuation of one she started last year, sports medicine 1-2.

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The new sports medicine classes satisfied the demand of students interested in sports medicine. The sports medicine club at Mountain Pointe had been very popular in previous years.

About four years ago, with encouragement from Ian Moses, the athletic director at the time, Pierce began to earn her teaching credentials and started to create the course.

The sports medicine club has been around much longer than the class and it was the growth of the club that helped lead to the creation of the course.

“When I first started I don’t know if I ever thought I would be teaching,” Pierce said.

In class, students learn about anatomy and build a foundation for an understanding in what injuries are. The course is an “introduction to sports medicine and the field of athletic training,” Pierce said. They also see how injuries are diagnosed and recognized.

Outside of class, students are required to spend time in the athletic training room to watch Pierce carryout her work. They also help in practice with water and notifying Pierce of injuries.

Student Marissa Fraboni, president of the sports medicine club, says that sports medicine 3-4 is the class, “I look forward to the most.” She took the course to learn more about her work within the club.

Her favorite part of the course is the “in-depth book work and activities that really explain what the human body is all about.” Fraboni shows an interest in medicine and plans to pursue a medical career next year in college.

The class is an elective course, yet it may soon play a larger part in the school’s academic programs. Mountain Pointe has a sports and wellness academy that offers students the chance to specialize their education. The course will allow them to fulfill requirements to graduate from the academy.

The success of the class may lead to another course, sports medicine 5-6, that could be available for students as early as next year.

• Matt Covert is a sophomore at Arizona State University. He is interning for the AFN.

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