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Does Biltmore Loan buy or loan on coins and precious metals?

Biltmore Loan will purchase or loan on precious metals, gold and silver bullion, coins and graded/non-graded numismatics. Our expert staff can provide current metal and market values for your collection or investments. Coin collections and bullion investments can take years to cultivate and a loan is one way to keep the collection and still receive cash for your immediate needs. We pride ourselves on making sure our pricing is competitive and fair and based on the current spot price of metal the day of evaluation.

How much are my silver coins worth?

The value of silver coins are determined by several factors including their silver content, overall physical condition or “grade’ and the rarity of the specific coin. Market prices for circulated silver coins can vary widely depending on the rarity of a particular coin design or date of issue. From 1916 to 1945, the Mercury Dime was minted in Philadelphia, San Francisco and the Denver Mints their weighs are 2.5 grams and contains 90% silver. The 1944 Mercury Dime retails at $1.50 while the much rarer 1921-D (“D” standing for Denver Mint) sells for over $500. This just tells us that coins can have extreme value variations.

What is the difference between bullions and numismatic coins?

A bullion coin is struck from gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. Rather than being used in day-to-day commerce, they are now minted as an investment or for collectors. Its real value is its troy weight and what the current gold market value is, which has nothing to do with its face value. Numismatic coins are usually rare and are no longer being minted. They are collected for their age, scarcity, individual beauty, uniqueness, or historical significance. A bullion coin can eventually build in numismatic value over time if it becomes a part of an historic event or if a mint stops producing and it becomes difficult to find. Numismatic gold coins are often very expensive in relation to their intrinsic gold value as their value is not based on the amount of gold or silver they contain. In July 2002, a very rare Twenty Dollar ($20) 1933 Double Eagle gold coin sold for a record $7,590,020 at Sotheby’s, making it the most valuable coin ever sold to date!

Always come to the experts to obtain the most informative evaluation of your assets. You never know what is in that jar of coins!

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