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As it released letter grades for Arizona schools, the state Board of Education on Friday gave some written advice to school districts that boiled down to one reality: For now, they may not mean as much as parents and educators think.

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Katie Zeitino would pray out loud for other people, even for people she didn’t know and with passion in her voice, during prayer sessions at Lamb of God Lutheran Church in Ahwatukee.

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The Phoenix Water Services Department and city Councilman Sal DiCiccio have set a town hall meeting  on Ahwatukee customers’ complaints about bills showing unusual spikes in consumption.The meeting is at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 26, at Pecos Communty Center.


Ballots were slated to go out to Ahwatukee voters today, Oct. 11, on four ballot questions giving Ahwatukee’s two school districts some additional financial help.

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Like the East Valley, Ahwatukee is teeming with prosperity, according to a recent economic analysis of ZIP codes across the country – though that affluence is not evenly distributed throughout the region.

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TechShop, located in the ASU Chandler Innovation Center, celebrates its fourth anniversary next month, and even though it has 17,000 square feet stocked with millions of dollars’ worth of advanced machines and specialized tools, it is little-known to the people who can make use of it.


Burlington Stores celebrated its arrival in Ahwatukee with something special for Kyrene del Milenio Elementary School – $10,000.


Betty Teille, a financial advisor in the Ahwatukee office of the financial services firm Edward Jones, is retiring after 13 years of service with the firm and working in the Ahwatukee Foothills community since 1987.

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The first time someone ever mailed me a swastika was back in my New Jersey days, when I made a full-time living peddling opinions in newsprint. Some members of the Aryan Nation announced an upcoming rally to protest gay rights and, to honor the event, I explained that Neo-Nazism seemed to me like a disease begging to be cured at the business end of a Louisville Slugger.

I have been in a blue funk since the Charlottesville uprising. I have been in this kind of funk too many times now because if in fact Black Lives Matter, how do we explain and morally and spiritually reconcile the deaths of Tamir Rice holding a toy gun (2014), of Jordan Davis playing music t…

It was a massive rowhouse fire on a tight street in Trenton, New Jersey, a block of older houses connected by a common attic and burning like kindling, that taught me a cardinal rule of journalism. This was 23 years ago, so some nuances have faded, but I remember word-for-word the question from our newspaper’s hard-ass publisher.


  • By Greg Macafee AFN Sports Editor

The Mountain Pointe secondary picked off four Desert Ridge passes, but could never jump start their running game as they suffered their second loss of the season Thursday night at Karl Kiefer stadium 31-20. Read more

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  • By Greg Macafee, AFN Sports Editor

When it came down to it, Desert Vista and Mountain Pointe high schools’ varsity football teams didn’t put together their best performances, but both escaped with late victories Friday. Read more

  • By Ryan Clarke AFN Contributor

With a sour taste in its mouth after a Tukee Bowl loss to Mountain Pointe, Desert Vista needed a win to get back on track. On Friday in Ahwatukee, defense propelled the Thunder to a 28-22 win over Gilbert. Read more

  • By Jacob Rosenfarb AFN Contributor

With the building’s namesake in attendance, Karl Keifer Stadium was brimming with anticipation and excitement Friday evening. Read more

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