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The .40-caliber bullet was fired Sunday morning one week ago, at about 26 minutes after 2. Court documents locate the crime at the intersection of North Civic Plaza and East Stetson Drive in Old Town Scottsdale. Really, though, the murder of Captain Kyle Brayer is a crime with echoes all across this Valley, this state, this world of ours. Because if you can measure a human being by the sum total of the lives he or she touches, then Kyle Brayer, who died two weeks short of turning 35 years old, lived more than any 10 of us.

The first time someone ever mailed me a swastika was back in my New Jersey days, when I made a full-time living peddling opinions in newsprint. Some members of the Aryan Nation announced an upcoming rally to protest gay rights and, to honor the event, I explained that Neo-Nazism seemed to me like a disease begging to be cured at the business end of a Louisville Slugger.

I have been in a blue funk since the Charlottesville uprising. I have been in this kind of funk too many times now because if in fact Black Lives Matter, how do we explain and morally and spiritually reconcile the deaths of Tamir Rice holding a toy gun (2014), of Jordan Davis playing music t…

It was a massive rowhouse fire on a tight street in Trenton, New Jersey, a block of older houses connected by a common attic and burning like kindling, that taught me a cardinal rule of journalism. This was 23 years ago, so some nuances have faded, but I remember word-for-word the question from our newspaper’s hard-ass publisher.

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  • By Jacob Rosenfarb ASU Student Contributor
  • Updated

With 6.5 seconds left, Mountain Pointe center Jalen Graham stepped to the line with the chance to close the lid on Brophy’s comeback attempt and seal the semifinal victory for the Pride. The career 40-percecnt free throw shooter, needed to hi… Read more

  • By Maxwell Kelley ASU Student Contributor

The No. 5-seeded Mountain Pointe Pride high school boys basketball team cruised to a 76-48 victory Friday night against the No. 13-seeded Chandler Wolves in the quarterfinals of the AIA 6A state tournament. Read more

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